Rabbit Hoodie

Rabbit Hoodie

Price: 13,800yen (JPY)

Weight: 800g


Item description

We made a Rabbit Hoodie.
This has a rabbit face and a rabbit tail.
Let's go outside and jump like a rabbit!

You can put on it comfortably and it's easy to match any cloths.

The lining of the hood is
a stripe of navy.
It makes you fresh!

Just like a wide-opened mouth!
(Or Megamouth Shark?)

The zipper is fully opened! Graaaaaa! It's with soft raised liner.

The width of their cuffs i
6 centimeter.
It's made of soft dress cloth,
so it's comfortable to wear!(certainly!)

The length of their cuffs is
7 centimeter.
Also it is made of a soft dress cloth.
Feel so good!(certainly!)

The length of their ears is 25 centimeter.
How long!

You might as well dangle their ears
like a lop-eared rabbit.

These felt eyes are filled with cotton.
How can I say,Three-Dimensional?

The nose is sewed one by one.
These brown eyes and the nose are
on the gray fleece.

You can carry a panda in the pockets.
Just for information,the panda in
this picture isn't real. 

The pocket of the hoodie has a tag
(It says "Nobody can beat me").
"We've never lose in our country!"

The black zipper and their navy handle.
The hoodie has a flat string.

Don't eat it because it's similar
to Salad Senbei.

The front view.
The hoodie has a black line zipper.

The back view.
The hood is a rabbit face!

The front view.
The black rabbit hoodie.

Thier zipper's handle is gray.

The black rabbit hoodie has
the white eyes and the white nose.

The back view.
Also it has a black rabbit hood.

We're confidenced that we made very cute hoodie (praising ourselves).

SIZE: Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large
COLOR: Gray / Black