The Baby Emperor Penguin Hoodie

The Baby Emperor Penguin Hoodie

Price: 14,800yen (JPY)


Item description

Arouse the maternal instincts!
Inflame the protective instincts!
When you want anybody to cherish or praise yourself,
Put on it and chirp weakly (In fact if you aren't weak so much).
Then everything will goes on well as you wish.
Putting on it and waliking like a baby penguin is also effective.

Put on this an alive at Antarctic of midwinter (Maybe you can't.)

The baby emperor penguin which covered with gray hair.
These eyes has nasty eyes like a real baby emperor penguin.

The beak made of the felts.

These eyes is filled with cotton and sewed.

The hood has the baby emperor
penguin's face.The almond-shaped eyes.

The black zipper and the yellow handle.

The back view.The lining of the hoodie
is with soft raised liner.
You can put on it not only in Atranctic
but also as a casual clothes
or special clothes.

The width of their black cuffs is 6 centimeter.
It's made of softly dress cloth, so it's
comfortable to wear.

The width of cuff of the hem is
7 centimeter. It's not too tight
because we made it little bit loose.
Our favorite.

The pocket of the hoodie has a tag
(It says "Nobody can beat me").
that you can change the world!

The front view. The hoodie has the black cuffs and the black line zipper.

The back view.The hood is baby emperor penguin and also it has a tail!

The zipper is fully opened.
Also the lining is sewed neatly (we are impressed everytime when we see it. )

The penguin's tail.
It gives a shock for the people who happened to see it. It is out from the cuffs.

The zoomed pic of the hood. It's unique that only the hood is another colors.

SIZE: Small / Medium / Large / Extra Large
COLOR: Gray / Black