Buddha's Beam T-shirt

Buddha's Beam T-shirt

Price: 3,500yen (JPY)

Weight: 250g


Item description

ご慈悲ビーム : Buddha beam

災い転じて福となす : Bad luck often brings good luck.
The statue of Buddha has been salvaged, but it is rescued or removed?

It is the scariest when a gentle person gets angry.

Buddha beam from his sulky face.

Buddha rescues us and leads us with the heart of mercy.

Only people who are enlightened will be able to have a beam from their eyes.
You know Buddha is in your own mind....

Buddha is always watching over you.
But don't forget it!! The Buddha's face was also three times.(=To try the patience of a saint.)
If it exceeds the limit, the beam dissolves everything.

The beam that destroys the worldly desires! (From his eyes)
Buddha regards.

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100% Cotton