The Clever Cat T-shirt

The Clever Cat T-shirt

Price: 3,500yen (JPY)

Weight: 250g


Item description

能ある猫は爪をかくす : Cats hide their claws.
それほどでもないです : Yeah! Kind of.

やればできるんですよ : I can do it.

At first glance, he is ordinary calico cat, but he still conceals his sharp claws.

Yeah! Kind of.

"No, it's not such a special claw!"
"It's really ordinary claw. I've never used it as a weapon."

Although he said so, I belive that his claw scratchs well.
He usually pretends to be ordinary, but he gets serious whenever he faces crisis.

A hawk? A cat or a human??? It doesn't matter! Who knows most, speaks least.
“It' ME. I do have the potential.”

No rose without a thorn. No calico without a claw.


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