The Vomiting Cat T-shirt

The Vomiting Cat T-shirt

Price: 3,500yen (JPY)

Weight: 250g


Item description

もう限界 : I feel like I might puke.
おかまいなく : Thank you for kindness.

大事を取る : Let me take care of myself
絶対安静 : Absolute Bed Rest.

Cats often vomits. It is common to vomit suddenly while a cat runs.


"Don't worry about it. It's often."

However, it seems not to be OK.
He looks pale. He is going to puke.

Don't you tend to say "okay" even if you don't really feel good?
Let's whine and throw away your sense of responsibility and your pride.

"Please let me take a day off."


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100% Cotton